Founded in 2010, DSPTCH (pronounced “dis-patch”) launched with a simple goal in mind: create better ways to use and transport gear. The founding concept was to be a research & development team dedicated to improving how to handle equipment, tools, gear, etc. in the field.

Even though the product design is driven by utility, we believed it also critical that the solution be durable and capable of withstanding the rigors of constant use. This is where the military-inspiration became a natural overlap. Our interpretation materialized quite literally as we sourced mil spec webbing and hardware and even utilized military sewing contractors in the US to produce our first run of product. We still follow by those standards to this day.

Today, DSPTCH is a travel company that produces bags, cases, and accessories that addresses the ever-changing landscape of tools and gear that empower today’s working professional. We believe in a “buy it once” mentality, ensuring that our items can last a lifetime and backing it up with a guarantee against workmanship and defect.

Our products are still made in the US, something we stand by firmly. The company has retail stores in San Francisco, New York, and Tokyo with its design headquarters based in South San Francisco, California.