Van Styles’ journey into photography started in the 90’s skate scene. Intrigued by the lifestyle and lack of constraint, Van started skating religiously, pushing aside all other aspects of his life. While other kids were playing video games, Van was in the streets learning his craft and soaking in the culture that would eventually turn him into the artist he is today. Immersed in the independence and creativity that skateboarding offered, it was impossible for Van to not be inspired. What started as him filming his friends learning tricks, turned into a hobby, then a habit, then a career. Photography took precedence over everything, even skateboarding, as it offered Van the ability to capture the world the way he saw it.

“I think it was the way skate photos from the ’90s captured such raw energy from a subculture at the time that no one cared for. I had fun with photography. It gave me the same feeling of excitement I got in skateboarding. Instead of learning a new trick, it would come in the form of taking a new photo, learning a new technique, or simply capturing a moment. I would spend countless hours in my off time learning a craft. Whether it was video editing or photography, I pushed myself to learn.” – Van Styles

After years of working with leading skate and streetwear brands, Van created a platform for himself and his peers to showcase their work. Thus V/SUAL was born. Every aspect of the brand, from the product to the name has been tailored to Van’s creative perspective. From its beginning V/SUAL has been more than just an apparel brand. It is an outlet for art and inspiration, and opportunity for growth, and a constant reminder that with hard work and perseverance anything is possible.